VRWS Leadership Interview of the Day

In approaching the 11th edition of the Vacation Rental World Summit, we’re releasing a series of interviews to leaders, key players and highly motivated people in our industry whose companies make a deep impact in our space and will be present at VRWS.

The aim is to get you some insight into these leaders and the company they founded, manage or work for, as well as getting some behind the scenes on their thinking, their motivation and their drive.



Head of Business Development Southern Europe at Holidu

1. What do you do for a living and which part of your job do you enjoy the most?

I am Enrique Planas, the Director of Business Development at Holidu, a leading vacation rental company with a proprietary booking platform. What I enjoy most about my role is the dynamic nature of our work environment. I love how our diverse team continually rises to challenges, fostering a respectful and world-class workplace. Additionally, our constant innovation ensures we provide our hosts and guests with a delightful and worry-free experience.

2. How does your company innovate or adapt to the evolving needs of the vacation rental space?

At Holidu, innovation is at the core of what we do. We continuously adapt to the evolving needs of the vacation rental market by leveraging advanced technology and data-driven insights. Our proprietary booking platform and our property management system are designed to offer seamless and reliable service to millions guests and thousands of hosts each year. We focus on enhancing the predictability and joy of the user experience, ensuring that both hosts and guests have their needs met efficiently and effectively, making it an experience full of joy and free of doubt. 

3. How do you view the various predictions about AI’s impact on society, ranging from dystopian scenarios to transformative advancements, and how does your company approach or integrate AI technology?

AI presents a fascinating yet cautious opportunity. While it indeed has the potential to outpace human understanding, I believe it will be an invaluable tool for enhancing our work quality and customer service. At Holidu, we integrate AI to streamline operations, improve listings, and save time on complex tasks. We approach AI with a balanced perspective, recognizing its potential while remaining vigilant about its implications.

4. What would you like to achieve by attending the Vacation Rental World Summit 2024 in Porto with your company? 

Attending the Vacation Rental World Summit 2024 in Porto offers numerous opportunities for both personal and professional growth. I aim to stay abreast of the latest trends and emerging technologies in our industry. Additionally, it’s a perfect platform to reconnect with our biggest customers, discuss business improvements, and explore new avenues for collaboration. Ultimately, the summit is a valuable opportunity to learn, network, and enhance our service offerings.

5. What are your passions, including any hobbies or sports, that you enjoy discussing and sharing with others outside the professional setting?

Outside of work, I am passionate about running and marathon training. I even founded a running team in my home city called Potsdam Runners, which has over 100 active members. I also enjoy Formula 1, hiking, and music. I play guitar and host a podcast in Spanish called “Metaloscopio,” where we delve into rock and heavy metal music theory and history. These activities not only keep me engaged but also provide great topics for discussion and connection with others.

You’ll have the opportunity to meet Enrique directly at VRWS in Porto

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