There will be 2 Roundtable Sessions per day for a total of 4 RTs in two days.

The first RT on day 1 and the last RT on day 2 open and close the sessions cycle and will respectively be the “Icebreaking Session” and the “Wrap Up Session”.

The remaining 2 Core Sessions will be where each table will get to work on a specific topic.

The Macro Areas of work for the 2 Core Sessions will revolve around Growth, Operations, Tech Stack, Marketing, Safety & Guest Experience.

Think of a struggle you have in these areas and would like to share with your peer group to seek help and advice.

Roundtables Explanation

Time: 60 Minutes each
Over the course of two days you’ll take part in 4 roundtables – 2 per day. Each table will be managed by a Facilitator, previously sourced and trained by VRWS among the Speakers, and Sponsor companies.

The first Roundtable on Day 1 will be an icebreaking session, where the aim is to get to know your table peers using a format that’s going be quite surprising and pleasant.

The next roundtables between Day 1 Afternoon and Day 2 Morning are Help & Support sessions and will deep dive into a few macro areas that affect your business and where we believe you may identify something you’ve been struggling with and you’d like to solve; these areas are:

  • Growth
  • Operations
  • Tech Stack
  • Marketing
  • Safety & Guest Experience.

The last Roundtable on Day 2 afternoon will see you wrapping up the key takeaways from the Summit, and will require you to write them down together with an implementation strategy, following the S.M.A.R.T.E.R. goal-setting framework we prepared for you.

The success of the Roundtables depends on your mindset, your openness and your willingness to give and share.

So be prepared to share the struggles you have related to your business and seek advice, as the roundtables work as your special peer group of colleagues who’ve been there and have done that, or who’re on the same boat and tried some solutions they can share with you.

Maybe you’re looking for more effective ways to grow you inventory and acquire more properties, or you’d like to add some features to your PMS that make you do that specific thing you can’t; or you’re looking at improving your guest experience with something unique, or you need to get a wider reach online to attract more travelers and increase bookings.

Whatever it is, be open to share your experience with the others and you’ll receive way more in return than you can imagine.