Vanessa De Souza Lage


In the vacation rental industry since 2004, Vanessa started off as a vacation rental agent with her own global website that at one point had 8000 online bookable rentals.

In 2012, she co-founded Rentals United, a channel manager for vacation rentals.

Her experience in UX and marketing helped take the company to become a successful and latest generation channel management software.

Today Vanessa acts as the CMO of Rentals United and also manages rentals in Barcelona and Sitges.

She’s passionate about technology and innovation and in 2015 founded the Vrtech events where tech companies meet property managers.

Vacation Rental Tech Workshop: practical tips on how to improve your business with technology.

It’s an opportunistic time to be in the vacation rental industry, with digital solutions to manage just about everything, from guest services, revenue management and marketing automation, to being able to manage operations like check-ins and keeping a check on your utility bills.

I have spent the last year or so scanning the vacation rental world for innovative services that can bring solutions to our daily challenges as property managers and owners. Find out which tech services are best suited for your business, how they can increase your revenues and save you time.

  • get a better understanding of the available tech out there
  • know which services are most relevant for your business
  • maximise ROI in new ways
  • get an understanding of the “vacation rental world wide web”
  • stand out from the competition through innovation 
  • get a comprehensive list of worldwide service companies

Don’t let the VR tech revolution unfold without you!