Sébastien Grosjean & Romain Giacalone


Sébastien Grosjean is the Founder and CEO of vacation rental management software, BookingSync.com.

Séb breathed VRs since childhood, as his parents managed chalets in the French Alps, stone houses in Provence and luxury villas in Greece. With a degree in computer science and a responsibility to take over the family business and scale it, Séb started coding what would become BookingSync. 25 years in the VR industry, over $1MM in funding and 15 years in software development turned BookingSync into a software active in 140+ countries.

Save Time, Book More & Have Fun With Your Vacation Rental Business

As an owner, property manager or agency, you spend lots of time managing your vacation rental activity. The industry has made great progress in recent years and the technical solutions now allow to manage multiple tasks such as the distribution of your listings, email automation, bookings and payments tasks.

But you still double check your emails, calendars, text messages, and more every day to ensure you don’t miss out on a thing, a cleaning intervention, a late check-in, etc. Why managing 10 luxurious pool villas should not be as pleasant as a stay in one of them?

We will give you ideas and show you how it is possible to have fun and relax with your property management activity.

  • Vacation Rental: the Old Way and the New Way
  • What’s remaining in your way from nicely steering your activity?
  • Automation: let softwares work for you
    • Streamline your everyday work with powerful workflows
  • Ok everything goes, let’s have fun now!
    • How can we have fun with daily property manager’s work
    • Connected devices, what to use for vacation rental?

We’ll talk about how connected objects can interact with the vacation rental industry, future reflexions but also pragmatic examples:

  • Happy customers make happy managers!
    • Happiness comes in many factors, but sharing your knowledge and local experience with your guests will provide them a unique “Experience”
    • Go beyond and help them build “Memories”, working with local partners, you can delight your guests with personalized and on-demand services. It’s also a great source of additional income for your partners and your own business.

Holidays are fun for customers, why not for managers? Let’s think together the job differently, and transform the Vacation Rental Industry in Vacation Rental Happiness Industry.

Different workflows / ways to have more fun but also save time and book more.