Richard Vaughton

Richard has been working for the last decade in the holiday rental marketing and management business, previous to that as an owner of rental properties, the latter whilst being CEO of a Finnish scientific supply company.

As a local small business mentor and investor in vacation rental companies Richard has become heavily involved in management of currencies, mainstream banking transactions, merchant facilities, online commerce, mobile and non-bank digital transactions. With many millions of $ of transactions under his belt, he is well positioned to assist owners and managers in their quest for financial control and avoid the pitfalls.

If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading (Lao Tzu)

Panel Discussion – A close look at where the market has been heading, the players, the challenges, and what options are available for your own vacation rental strategy.

In an ever more popular market segment, companies are vying for the VR space and forcing change through technology and consumer marketing.  Many would argue that the distance between visitor and owner is increasing and the guests now hold the upper hand in determining how a rental is operated.

The sector is evolving quickly along many paths and each owner and manager needs to adopt their own strategy. This will be based on the economics of the situation, their geography, technology, knowledge, personality and adaptability.

Many questions are asked daily and the frustrations are apparent. If any of these questions below are familiar to you then we hope to clarify and present, from a market neutral position, the facts as published and the direction as voiced by industry leaders.

  • Where will bookings come from?
  • How much will it cost?
  • Who controls the market?
  • Who owns who?
  • Which sites are winning the hearts and minds of owners and managers?
  • Will Vacation Rentals morph further to a hotel booking model?
  • What technologies may change the face of the industry and which are indispensable?
  • Will owners or managers be replaced by machines?
  • What do the guests expect?
  • The sharing, mobile world vs. the Traditional model: Is it a battle?

We are all aware that polls and predictions are not always correct, but combining data with a broad spectrum of opinion and market experts is a far better approach than pure guesswork. 

The presentation therefore endeavours to clarify this complex environment and make it easier to identify individual pathways to success and to help adapt and evolve.

This Panel discussion will see attendees hearing directly from Airbnb and execs as well as PMs, Agents and owners who’ll be on stage.