Naveen Sharma & Dennis Klett


Dennis is co-founder and chief product officer at Lodgify (, a browser-based software solution that enables vacation rental businesses to build their own branded website, accept online bookings and process payments.

Dennis started Lodgify with the vision to help vacation rental owners and property managers generate more direct bookings and become less dependent on online travel agencies that typically charge high commissions and traveller fees.

Lodgify was recently selected as one of Wired Magazine’s 100 hottest European startups in 2015.

Attract more visitors to your website and convert them into bookings

It is becoming increasingly more important for vacation rental owners to create and maintain a personal website for their hospitality business. In light of high commissions charged by online travel agencies and given the changing nature of how travelers book their accommodation nowadays, professionally built vacation rental websites can really help owners to stand out and generate more direct bookings.

No website is effective, however, if you can’t attract enough visitors or turn those lookers into bookers. In this session, we aim to explain how vacation rental owners can improve their websites and make them more effective.

We will:

  • learn how to attract more visitors using branding and basic marketing techniques to increase inbound traffic to your site.
  • explore how to grow your reach to travelers using a variety of marketing channels, as well as discover which paid marketing activities you can undertake to boost your chances of reaching more potential guests.
  • grasp how you can convert your website visitors into bookings with best practice web design – features that not only make your site attractive, but which also enhance the all-round user experience.
  • understand that the guest experience starts on your website, and features like an intuitive checkout process are essential for customer conversion.

With the best practices learnt in this session you will be ready to generate more traffic, impress potential guests and enjoy more direct bookings as a result.