Martin Picard


In 1987, Martin established Oracle’s Networking Products division working to productize and market the nascent client-server and distributed database technology. He was responsible for the technical evolution of the product, the porting to dozens of new platforms and for the product sales. He was able to expand product sales from zero to over 20M in 1989. SQL*Net and related products sell in excess of several hundred million dollars a year today.

A veteran technical software innovator, ex-developer, product manager and CEO, Martin was responsible for, or directly involved in, a number of the building blocks of today’s global distributed computing infrastructure.

Martin has founded and built companies from scratch, expanded existing marketing organizations and carried out successful exit strategies.

He actively advises and sits on the board of a number of start ups and is an occasional angel investor with a small existing portfolio.

Loving adventure, whether it is sailing alone across the oceans, flying a small seaplane across the Atlantic and to a few hundred miles short of the North Pole, or as a serial entrepreneur, his philosophy is that risk carries great reward and one should always choose the option that puts you most to the test.

He currently heads up Vreasy Corporation, a growing force in the tourism and travel market.

Guest Experience Monetization A Rare Win-Win For All Players

Boost Occupancy by Enhancing the Guest Experience

It is easy to say ‘’Give every guest a great experience’’. What is less easy is explaining HOW to do this.

Vreasy will show you how to build a powerful and scaleable system to delight every guest without adding to your workload. We believe in offering more at every stage of travel, from booking to review, making your guests anticipate their trips and giving them great memories to look back on.

In this seminar, we’ll show you how to use Vreasy’s Guest Experience Methodology to build a smart guest experience system, designed to optimise every stage of your guests’ stay.

A well-defined guest experience system allows you to connect with your guests at every stage of the travel and gives you the power to offer more than just a place to stay™. Having a system means that your workload will remain manageable even as your business grows, and your service remains consistently excellent.

You will learn:

  • How to create your own system for great guest experience
  • How to provide personal and customised service for every guest
  • How to diversify your revenue with ancillary services
  • The powerful effect great service will have on your brand and reputation

The end result is a business that runs like a well-oiled machine, delighted guests, additional revenue and less stress for you.

Join us to start building your own Vreasy guest experience system.