Alex Nigg & Tammi Sims


Alex Nigg and Tammi Sims have been immersed in remote hosting including their recent test of managing their Seattle and San Francisco properties from 7,000 miles away. They have created a template that works flawlessly by focusing on guest communication and relationship building, smart home design, building the right team and using the best of technology and innovation and home automation. These tools create ease for both remote owners and property managers. 

Alex is the founder of Properly (, a visual checklist tool used by property managers and owners around the world. Through Properly’s users, Alex and Tammi have had the opportunity to interview PMs and owners in many countries, and have been able to review best practices in changeovers across over thousand individual turnover checklists.

Alex & Tammi have presented on the topic of remote hosting in Europe, Canada and the United States, and their presentations, webinars and videos have been seen by thousands of hosts and PMs.

Tools and techniques for successful Remote Management of Properties for Property Managers and Owners

Remote Management is a daily challenge for many property managers and owners: on the one hand, managing vacation rentals from afar has always presented challenges, but increasingly technology solutions can help bridge the distance. On the other hand, new generations of travellers demand a “hosted” guest experience – they’d like to feel like locals, and feel immersed in an authentic “local” experience, without an actual host being there with them.

This session will give you an honest review of tools and techniques for managing properties remotely, and teach techniques to deliver a local, hosted experience, at scale, without actually being there, including

  • ideas for designing your listings to feel like a local’s home, even if it’s a vacation rental all year round
  • a review of home automation technologies, with an honest perspective of what can work today
  • templates and tools for managing housekeeping operations remotely, so they go far beyond a simple changeover, and allow to create a customized experience, with lots of attention to the details that matter

This session is suited to individual owners who manage their own properties and for property managers who manage multiple properties. The session will be  interactive and focuses on delivering  practical, actionable and immediate solutions.