Alan Egan

Alan Egan

Alan Egan is a leading vacation rental marketing expert and has been working in the vacation rental business for over 10 years. Specialising in attraction marketing.

Speaker at the Vacation Rental World Summit 2014 and 2015, Alan teaches VR owners to stand out from the crowd.

CEO of BookingPlus4G – The Bookings University, an online learning centre for holiday home owners and agents alike, providing easy to follow video courses that teach VR owners ahead of the curve, cutting edge, marketing methods.

Alan is also the founder of, the free online vacation rental marketing magazine offering advice, latest news and top tips for holiday rental home owners across the globe and a meeting place for all members of the vacation rental industry.

The X factor

The Only Credible Alternative To Listing Sites. How To Optimise Your Web Presence So It Becomes A Booking Magnet

When it comes to success in the vacation rental business it all comes down to one thing and one thing only: Exposure.

If people don’t know about you they can’t book with you. We used to rely on the big listing sites like HomeAway for our exposure. But for a number of reasons we can’t rely on them any more. Without exposure you may as well pack up your tent (or luxury villa) and jack it all in. Zero exposure = Zero bookings.

In this session I’m going to show you how to get 125 times more exposure than you are currently getting. Yes 125 times more exposure!

Here’s what we will be covering:

  • The Shocking Exposé
    • Welcome to the vacation rental gameshow and the 5 stages of travel
  • From Under Exposure to Over Exposure
    • Exposing yourself to potential guests
    • Marketing the right things
    • Single point vs multi point marketing
  • Exponential Exposure
    • Let’s play tag
    • 5 to the power of 5
    • This isn’t a game, it’s a game changer
  • The Exposure Explosion
    • Syndication
    • The nail bomb of exposure
    • Put your campaign on both autopilot and steroids and boost your digital footprints by five times more
  • Summary 
    • Mapping out a game plan from now on
    • The central hub theory
    • Cherry picking for trip wires and newsletters