Adrian Brown


Adrian Brown is an established Turnaround Management consultant with a solid track record in dramatically enhancing staff performance, client service and, in turn, company profits.

He has more than 30 years’ experience of both running and partnering with service-led businesses, such as Hotels, Salons and Spas, Restaurants, Cafes, Customer Services, Retail and Professional Service businesses.

His proprietary ‘turnaround’ system focuses on 3 key areas – vision, behaviour and performance, creating teams of inspired, motivated and engaged staff, improving their performance and thereby increasing profitability.


Discover the one thing that will boost your bookings…hint: it’s not what you think

Design Your Business to Deliver Your Ideal Guest Experience

Your guest is perfectly selfish! They want their perfect guest experience. This mind set raises two important questions.

What is the experience they want? How can you make sure you deliver it?

“Your brand is everything that influences the relationship between your guest and the products and services you provide”

The journey that your guest takes starts the moment they become aware of you and hopefully never ends. How they experience the journey is in your hands.

There are four stages of the journey

Attraction, engagement, delivery, nurture. Each stage of the journey is influenced by you, your actions and your behaviour.

In this session Adrian shares how you can make the greatest impact in each stage to increase the average guest spend, increase the repeat business, increase the number of direct bookings you get and capitalise on other distribution channels and OTA’s

We’ll learn:

  • The key elements of attraction
  • The power of a social media strategy
  • Investment in attraction vs commission to OTA’s
  • Setting the guest’s expectation
  • Upselling the right way
  • Welcome, delivery and exit, how to make sure they all contribute to the experience
  • Building long term relationships, the power of your brand
  • Leveraging customer feedback

The secret of successful business is being able to consistently deliver excellent guest experiences. This session aims to show you a simple tried and tested approach to building your systems, processes and behaviours to achieve that.